Receive it. Share it. Like it.

Amplify your campaign and brand awareness with easy social sharing.

Click2share is a custom branded portal which allows your users to share their photo or video experience on social media — increasing your brand exposure.

Social sharing

  • Get into the hearts and minds of your audience and let them re-live and share their experience
  • Create brand advocates with instant share buttons to push their content to their social channels

Brand engagement

  • Extend the experience with the user by customising the portal to be an extension of the event 
  • Use in page advertising to upsell at the key engagement point


  • Measure the success of the event and track social sharing through standard reports
  • Build custom reports and review data based on unique and returning visitors, hourly statistics, and media taken vs media shared


Perfect for

Brand activations, corporate events, conferences, concerts and festivals

Integrates with

photoXperience videoXperience mediaEngine


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