Billboard of Love

Almost 200,000 messages sent for Valentine’s Day 2017

  • Declare your love on a 26m tall billboard

  • Keepsake MMS for social sharing

  • Processed 10,000 messages an hour

Telstra’s annual Valentine’s Day promotion that gives you the chance to shout your love from the rooftop: you and your love’s name on a 26m tall digital screen outside the Bourke Street Telstra Discovery Store in the centre of Melbourne.

The Billboard of Love was developed and continues to be supported by the Raw Ideas team. We handle design, processing, moderation and MMS messaging for the event.

Consumers are invited to text in two names separated by a space. The text is processed through automatic and manual moderation. Once approved the message is queued to display on the billboard and the consumer receives an MMS keepsake on their phone for viewing and social sharing.


Telstra Billboard of Love Experiential marketing activation

Design, Project Management, Promotion Build

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Telstra Billboard of Love Experiential marketing activation

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