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PwC Interactive Media Wall

A digital wall which updated live and formatted text and images to fit the dynamic content.

The Challenge

PWC wanted to reflect the views of the financial summit and engage directly by asking key questions and listening to the industry’s voice.


Our Solution

The wall itself was dynamic, shifting from a mirrored surface that reflected the people attending the summit to displaying key questions and the industry’s live responses submitted via tablet onsite to images and tweets.

The effect was large and engaging and showed the industry that PwC was listening and amplified the voice of the people.


The Results

  • Over 600 interactive posts over the course of the event
  • Live updating and formatting of text and images to fit the dynamic content

  • Social scraping from photos and messages from Instagram and Twitter

  • A web-app running off a tablet onsite and sent out via eDM to staff/key influencers prior


PwC digital media wall

Design, Web Development, Hardware Sourcing

Technology solutions

React, CreateJS

Products used


PwC digital media wall

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