Channel Seven

7Cricket Guessing Competition

Data entry driven by a competition.

The Challenge

Channel Seven are keen to engage their audience is a lot of different ways and the 2019 Ekka Show in Queensland was no different. The mission was simple, capture as many entries as possible and promote the new home of Cricket in Australia.


Our Solution

Simplicity and usability was key. Using our photoXperience app, we have been able to introduce an easy way of capturing data and using it a variety of ways. Add the ability to customise branding and modify fields being captured with a moments notice and this solution is now extremely useful and re-usable!

We deployed the app to the clients own iPads, launched the pre-configured event and away they went.


The Results

  • More than 4,500 entries in 11 days
  • An average of over 400 entries per day


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