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RACQ Clubhouse at Ekka

A fun and interactive game of memory for all ages.

The Challenge

Get Jack'd Media approached Raw Ideas for a game that Ekka attendees could play across the show to win prizes. It would form part of the RACQ Clubhouse setup, which is designed entertain and educate a wide audience group.

With the brief in hand, we considered how to deliver a game that could easily be scaled up or down, depending on the intended usage. We knew it needed to be easy for users to interact with, present a challenge worthy of a prize and be reliable.

Our Solution

The game is built in React Native and optimised for used on an iPad. Affectionately known as Flipper, it follows the same logic as the popular Concentration - also known as memory or pairs. The player taps a tile on the iPad to flip it over and if they flip 2 cards that are the same, it forms a match. Players have a limited time to match all pairs.

We customised the game to have the RACQ Clubhouse look and feel while each tile had sponsors logos to match.


The Results

  • Over 200 people engaged with the game
  • Increased exposure with a unique, fun and engaging game
  • A challenging, yet rewarding experience for show goers to be more involved with
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