Telstra Business Awards


Phoenix automated previously arduous workflows and streamlined the transfer of information between a network of Awards systems and departments.

  • Collects and links data across multiple input forms

  • Distributes and stores information between a suite of Awards platforms

  • Secure and robust system designed for daily use for years to come

Deployed in October 2016, Phoenix is a platform developed in Java with an Angular front-end, designed to overhaul the Telstra Business Awards and Telstra Business Women’s Awards process and replace a legacy .NET platform.

Our team met over a series of weeks with different stakeholders of the Telstra Awards team, and their related vendors, to document how they interact with the legacy system, and what their day-to-day and month-to-month processes are. We scoped a fully rebuilt solution around these conversations and offered an itemised estimate to allow the client to prioritise their MVP feature set within their initial budget.

Through the system, the Awards team can collect nominations and CRM data, develop their legacy data with tools optimised to their existing processes, collect and store extensive entry forms, and build out their judging data year on year. The optimisations that we put in place have removed the need for continuous manual data entry, cleaned up their contacts database and put fail safes in place to ensure their data remains clean and accurate.

The system was built to allow for future integration and feature expansion as the program grows.

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Consulting, Project Management, UX, Design, Web Development, QA Testing

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Java, Play 2 Framework, Angular, Web APIs, SendGrid, ABR Integration, COSI, AWS

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