How UX design reduced set-up time by 170%

AshF By Ashleigh

22 May 2018 // Design and UX

At Raw Ideas, we pride ourselves on our unique, creative solutions. We achieve this with our design, UX and custom development expertise. We've used these to create a bespoke suite of products.

Over the last year, we’ve been working to improve the value of our products – to make them easier to set up and use. Our first new release is click2share.

click2share is a custom branded platform built for users to view and share their content. Designed with usability, users privacy and company branding in mind.


Where we started – review of the legacy product

We looked at the old set up process and user facing portal with the goals of:

  • reducing set up time and simplifying the process
  • reducing user gallery page load time
  • improving user experience and aesthetics of the user gallery


The admin system

The problem

Setting up a new portal was time consuming. It took an experienced user to know the sections and fields required for set up – it was not an easy process.

Learnings from research

  • Simple style changes required development time, this increased the set-up time and cost
  • The admin confused users, it had:
    • fields that weren't required
    • labels that didn't make sense
    • sections that weren't in a logical order
  • The quickest way to set up and create a new site was to duplicate a previous event and update the details
  • Users needed a way to create a click2share URL now, but the ability to enter details later

This was the old click2share admin navigation:


Our solution

We designed, tested and built a custom admin system with a simple interface. We removed a lot of unnecessary fields and split the set up into four easy steps:

  1. Portal details
  2. Page design
  3. Social set up
  4. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Our solution let users navigate between pages and come back to update sections over time. Solving the issue of not having all the answers from the start.

New features we added such as:

  • A simple dashboard to view all active and inactive portals
  • One-click preview gallery for testing
  • Custom background and text colour selection
  • Drag-and-drop upload for assets
  • Ability to have a separate background and header image

The results

  • Total set up time reduced by over 70%
  • No development time required to set up a new portal


The user gallery

The problem

While it was easy to use, the outdated design aesthetic and slow page load time on mobile needed work.

Our solution

A simplified interface which focus’ on the users content and ability to share, fast.

Over 95% of users access click2share on mobile devices. It was imperative that it was easy to use and looked great on the go.

The new design offers quick and easy social sharing for users. To increase branding and marketing opportunities we added an optional clickable banner.

Tracking data for businesses

To measure success we use Google Analytics and custom reports. We track the number of users who:

  • received a photo or video and clicked to view their gallery
  • shared their content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • downloaded their photo
  • click to view a shared gallery

Measuring success for on-going improvements

We continue to track and update features on both the user portal and the admin interface. Ensuring click2share continues to grow alongside our other products. Our goal is to provide click2share as a subscription product for business’ to use at their events.


Want to find out more?

Visit our click2share product page for more information. Or, contact us to chat about your next event.

AshF By Ashleigh

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