A task-based processing platform only limited by your imagination

  • custom marketing software

  • supports user generated content

  • makes capturing leads easy

A fully integrated web app that was built with growth and expandability in mind, the Telstra Content Online Sending Interface (COSI) has become a core system for Telstra’s experiential marketing efforts. Designed to create custom workflows for processing a variety of rich media in mass volumes, COSI is a tool with maximum flexibility and longevity.

With over 50 modular tasks that can be added and reordered as required, COSI is built to accommodate an extensive range of user defined campaign flows.

Since its creation in 2007, COSI has enabled Telstra to successfully run thousands of consumer promotions, giving customers a chance to engage and interact with Telstra and new technologies in a variety of contexts. Best of all, the user becomes your advocate when they share branded mementos from their interaction.

photo activation using COSI

Consultation, Project Management, Web Development

Technology solutions

PHP, SMS/MMS gateway, Angular, jQuery

photo activation using COSI

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