5 website mistakes costing you money

Lorinda By Lorinda Moxham

30 June 2017 // Design and UX

Want to build a website that your customers love, increases your sales and gets respect from experienced UX designers? Then keep reading and avoid these common mistakes.

1. Too Much Copy

Too much copy is hard to digest for the reader. It looks intimidating and when you try to say too much, your message is lost and you say nothing.

In the digital age our attention span is limited and it is imperative that copy is to the point and concise.

Big new sites that come on to the market are all visual and little text with one call to action. Just look at Hello Fresh


2. Bad Typography

Bad typography will make your content illegible. If you want your site to look clean, sleek and professional and not like a five year old that dressed itself you need to avoid:

  • Copy over busy images;

  • Too much space between the lines giving the appearance the line below is not related to the line above;

  • Too little space between the lines will give a squashed feeling, the Goldilocks rule here is approximately 150% of the font size;

  • Justified text, as it creates uneven spacing; and

  • Use of multiple different font styles


3. Not Responsive

Mobile internet surpassed desktop internet usage for the first time in October 2016 according to this study. For this reason, you should design for mobile first. This will also help with keeping your copy brief, your navigation simple and will ensure all key information is available on mobile and desktop.

Avoid mobile sites. Mobile sites that omit functionality and/or information that is available on your desktop site are a sure-fire way to anger your audience.

Google recognises this and their SEO algorithms don't look favourably on these UX nightmares. In fact, the big G says: 

61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor's site instead.

Let's take a look at Australia's most popular airline as an example, the mobile site removes the functionality to check in online for international flights. Leaving users to search for the 'switch to full site' This makes no sense and makes it harder than it needs to be for the user.

Always ensure you have pinch and zoom on your website, so people can zoom in if they need to. Responsive sites aren't just about mobile either; as technology evolves you need to consider all platforms. You can expect emerging trends such as wearable technology will start to take a more prominent place in the market over the next few years.


4. Navigation

Navigation is key to a good User Experience. If users can't instantly find the information they need, many will quickly go somewhere else.

Labels that are vague and don’t define where a specific button/menu item will take you are frustrating for the user. A 'discover' button might sound cool but when your potential new customer clicks on it and discovers it's not what they're after, they'll quickly discover your competition. As Steve Krug famously said on the subject...

"Don't make me think"

Same goes for 'Click Here' links. Your potential customer has to keep reading to find out what the 'Click Here' will deliver. Links should be scannable using language such as 'Download price list' or 'Book an appointment'. This instantly illustrates exactly what will happen on click, which in turn increases trust in your brand and conversions.


5. Bad UX

The best UX is invisible. The experience is so smooth that your audience doesn't notice anything. They just get what they want, which is what you're selling. Think of UX issues as barriers between your audience and your sales. Creating the path of least resistance directly relates to increased sales.

Reducing the number of clicks to purchase should always be front of mind when designing your site and sales funnel.

Good UX doesn't end with the website interaction but encompasses the holistic experience your users have with your brand.


In Summary

Whether your business is what has been traditionally considered an online business or not, we are in the digital age and every business needs to ensure it is not just represented online but maximises every opportunity to engage with its audience and ultimately generate revenue.

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Lorinda By Lorinda Moxham

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